February 4th 2015

What is insecurity? According to the internet, it is uncertainty or anxiety about oneself or lack of confidence. It is also the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection.

Where do insecurities come from? Are we born with them? Or do they come about as a result of events in our life?

For me growing up it was the latter. Being an outgoing child until I started school, I truly believe that it was my experience with my peers and people in public places that built my insecurities. As a child, I did not realize that I was different. It was when my peers acknowledged my difference and began judging me based on that facial difference that my insecurities came about. I became vulnerable, shy, and isolated myself. I was very cautious as to who I let in the bubble that I had created around myself.

Media has a huge contribution to insecurities. Photo shopping pictures, and portraying the most physically perfect women and men on TV or in movies, watching the Victoria Secret fashion show and these women whose bodies 99% of us could never have.

Think about television, the main character in a television show is a beautiful/ handsome person with perfect hair and make-up, even right out of bed. They live in a beautiful home that is always tidy with perfect looking children… (you get the point). Then there is always that one character that is quirky, and says out of the box things, a person who every other character thinks is crazy and doesn’t want to be around. Usually this person is never even captured in their home. Am I the only person who would be that character in the television show?

How are children, teenagers and even adults supposed to be comfortable in their own skin when every time they turn on a television, read a magazine, or go out and see a billboard, they are hit with propaganda that depicts what society defines as beautiful or normal? Why are we so surprised that people are insecure with themselves when there are hundreds of commercials and advertisements for weight loss products or gyms in the area? Society has created a definition for beauty that is not attainable.

I grew up getting facial reconstruction surgeries to better my health, so my brain could develop properly, then there are other people getting nose jobs and plastic surgery because they do not feel comfortable in their own bodies. Is it there fault they feel insecure about themselves? Or are we as a society to blame because we are too focused on perfection?

There’s a reason we were all born in the bodies we were. Would I have handpicked the face that I have if I could have chosen the way I looked? Especially if I knew what reactions were going to come out of it? Probably not. Thankfully, I was not in control of how I look. I truly believe that God handcrafted us to look the way we do. He puts the unique touches on us that we might not like, but in the end I have to thank him. While the consequences of defying society’s definition of beauty are not easy to deal with, I would not change a thing.

Bullying, the stares, the numerous surgeries, graduating high school with a swollen face because of a medical procedure the day before, the metal headgear, braces, missing teeth when there shouldn’t have been missing teeth; I would go through it again. Not because it was pleasant, trust me these were some of the most vulnerable times in my life where my insecurities were at their worst. Without the challenges of my past, I would not be the person I am today. I would not be gifted with the characteristics and talents that I have today, without the struggles that shaped me.

The importance of sharing your God-given gifts, check out my blog tomorrow to read more.

Saydee Robinson

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2 thoughts on “February 4th 2015

  1. Donna Perry says:

    Sweetie you have done just an amazing job. I don’t think anyone could have done as great a job as you have done. You keep on writing hon and I hope someone out there is listening. You have hit this right on the head. Adults and children bully every day. I worked at school and seen it and also in adults. Saydee I give you so much credit and we are all blessed to have you honey. Keep up the great work keep smiling cause you are beautiful inside and out. God bless you hon.


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