February 14th 2015

As every woman in America finalizes their Valentine’s Day plans, I am sitting here at home surrounded by the vision of love. Quite literally, I think my mom has displayed the word love in just about every room in our house. Along with the word love, pictures of my parents and my grandparents hang on the walls. Love is evident in their smiles and in the way they look at each other.

I too am in love. No, I do not have a date tonight. Like I said before, on this wonderful day I am sitting at home doing homework and studying for exams. I am choosing to spend my day like this. Not because I particularly enjoy it; I would much rather be like every other single woman today, huddled up under a hundred blankets with the chocolates we bought ourselves and watching Netflix. While I may sneak a couple of chocolates, and huddle under some blankets, I am choosing to study, because by spending this day doing homework, I will be able to visit my love in one week. Yes, I will be travelling to Haiti to be reunited with its beauty and the wonderful children that live there.

Love is such an important part of our lives. It is what holds us together and keeps us sane, knowing that someone out there loves us and cares about us. Everyone finds love in different places. If we are lucky enough, we are able to find love in several places. Maybe it is a significant other, but it could also be family, friends, a place, a memory, a pet, everyone finds love in different places. And we always need to be open to finding love in other places because we never know where we will find it.

Until Prince Charming decides to ride up on his horse, I am using this day to show love to the world, to Haiti, to my family, friends, and even prince charming wherever he may be. Whether you are spending your day with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, family, or like me, spending the day with your dog, I would like to wish you love and a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Saydee Robinson

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