February 19th 2015

Have you or your child ever pointed out someone who looks different? Most of us have. It seems to be a natural response to point out things that don’t appear to fit in. I’ve attached a link to the bottom of this blog that gives some excellent suggestions when being approached with this situation. I personally would have loved it if people would have done these things for me.

I don’t know if you have noticed how people with disabilities are portrayed in movies, but I sure have. Quasimodo was locked in a bell tower because of his unique appearance and was portrayed as weak. Villains are distinguished by their scars or “scary” facial features. The evil genius has an enlarged head and is wheelchair bound. The list could continue.

Does Hollywood realize that they have created a stigma? Do they realize that they have caused a lot of people to look at the disabled in a negative light? I personally have never seen a major motion picture where the disabled is the hero/heroin of the story.

I have also never seen an imperfect Prince Charming or Princess. Why can’t the character with the scars or the unique facial features have their own happily ever after? The characters with facial differences were many times the result of an evil spell cast upon them so it’s seen as a curse. We think we have made progress in the media having the first black Disney princess and the princess who doesn’t need the prince to come to her rescue. While we have taken steps in the right direction, we have so much farther to go.

I would like to challenge Hollywood to showcase the positive and beautiful being that person with the scars, the unique facial features, and the enlarged head. They have stories and I can promise you, they do not involve concocting a plan to take over the world, killing people, or destroying a city. Most likely their prince charming won’t look perfect either and that’s okay. Why does he have to be? Their stories are what I would like to see. The emotional struggles they face because of things like the media that put them in a negative light.

I have linked an awesome story to this blog. I hope you are inspired and are able to think about the story of this young child. This mom’s suggestions, regarding how to react when your child is the bully is spot on.


Saydee RobinsonQuasimodo_45


2 thoughts on “February 19th 2015

  1. Lance Brookshire says:

    Saydee; Said it before, I’ll say it again. You are AWESOME. What you are saying about Hollywood and advertising in general is woefully true. In their world everyone is perfect and flawless. In the real world no one is perfect or flawless except Jesus . That’s biblical. Hollywood is the reason we have so many plastic surgeons. Trying to achieve the unachievable. You go girl. GP


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