February 24th 2015

So yesterday started with me holding babies, and ended with kids climbing all over me and a precious baby singing One Direction. This place is truly amazing. 

You can feel the love here. Whether you are feeding babies, coloring, or just sitting and talking, each moment is precious. 
I have been able to reunite with some kids and it is amazing how much they have grown. 
This is truly an amazing experience to travel and see this first hand. Plus the fact that Haiti is nearly 100 degrees hotter than at home doesn’t hurt anything. 
We have typed up stories, scanned pictures, played with lots of children, and everyday is a new experience. 
Currently we are making cookies and melting the butter out in the sun. 
On a side note: no sunburn yet! And that is surprising with the red head complexion I have. 

Saydee Robinson


One thought on “February 24th 2015

  1. Dr. Collardey says:

    How can we in Flint, MI capture, right here, the sacredness of what you are experiencing in Haiti? I wonder… Must one travel across the oceans in order to discover what is humanly divine? This is meant with no judgment, only awe. Dr. Collardey


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