February 25th 2015

Today we took five kids to the beach. It was gorgeous and the kids had a lot of fun. 

I had a blast too. We went to the cafe. While keeping kids seated in the cafe and making sure they didn’t play with the  knives on the tables, they did manage to spill ice and water all over me,Lol.

Most of the kids love the water. One refused to step foot in the ocean and another never shut her eyes when she went underwater so was constantly getting out to wipe her eyes. I managed to take all 5 kids to the pool and watch them for a minute before the baby needed to eat. Thank you Jesus there was a 14 year old girl among the kids who was more than willing to help out. 

Reality is, most Americans that visit Haiti see the fancy resorts and beautiful beaches but have no clue what lies beyond the gates of the beautiful vacation suites. Well let me inform you the beauty within these beautiful and grateful orphans of Haiti is something we all could learn from. Their hearts are so full of love for simple gestures most of us completely take for granted. There is no sense of entitlement that we as Americans so often expect. 

We are now on our way back to the village. Most of the kids are passed out, exhausted from this long day. If today is any indication of how good my mothering skills are, I think I could do pretty well. 

Tomorrow me and Erin are traveling up the mountain to do medical missions and will be gone for the next couple days. I am not sure if we will have Internet but I will take photos and try to update you on our days 


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