February 26th 2015

I have Internet at my new home for the next couple days! I am getting a different view of Haiti. Leaving the kids for a couple of days to experience something different is nice, but I am already missing them. 

We stopped at a coffee place and ended up watching Avatar. Which was not real exciting considering I didn’t understand the language. Then we were off to our next destination, the beautiful mountains of Haiti.

We complain about Michigan roads. They are no comparison to the roads of Haiti. The ride was an adventure it itself. The view on the way up was breathtaking though.

Getting here and being able to see the work that is being done with the medical missions is awesome. I am excited to be a small part of it in the next couple of days. I have no experience with anything medical except being a patient myself so we will see what kind of jobs come my way 🙂 

I am thrilled to witness this incredible view and be involved in this incredible ministry that is helping these people receive the medical care they need.

I have been able to learn so many people’s stories on this trip and am excited to learn more. Each time coming here gives us a new experience and all new feelings emerge. I continue to be blessed by this opportunity and am so thankful.


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