March 1st 2015

So I know it is not February anymore but I was not able to post the last few days due to limited wifi so I wanted to still update on my trip. 

I spent Thursday and Friday up in the mountains. The view was spectacular and being a small part in helping people get medical care was awesome. 

One thing that stuck out to me was one particular woman and her child. She had brought her child in for something and ended up having her child diagnosed was hydrocephalus. I was born with hydrocephalus so this was emotional for me to see the doctor pull this woman aside and tell her she needed to get her child to the hospital as soon as possible so her child could live a healthy life. Mind you we are in the mountains and the hospital is down in the city. These people do not have vehicles and have to walk to the hospital or get to a place that they can take a taptap ( which is basically an old pickup truck that loads people in the back).

After we spent all that time in the mountains we head down to another orphanage. We got to be reunited with kids that we saw on our last trip as well as meet some new ones<3 I once again got to practice being a mom while feeding a little girl. That might need a little more practice. There were a few children, one in particular that I wanted to pick up and bring home with me. 

I did my part in helping the Haitian economy by buying some plantain chips and ice cream. (Which were fantastic) I also got to experience Haitian driving once again seeing my life flash before my eyes several times. But here I am back at Ruuska Village. Making pancakes with the kids and spending some more quality time with them and the people who work here. 

It does not feel like I have been here a week. I am not ready to leave in a few days. I will hopefully update one more time before I leave 🙂 



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