Beauty Isn’t Perfection

I am currently finishing up my third year of college and taking exams and getting grades back has my anticipation shooting to new heights. 
Now I am a weird person. When I turn in an assignment, I never expect to get 100% on it. When I get those papers back with that grade I am confused. When I get the assignment back with the 85% or the 95% I am satisfied. Why do I have this mentality? Why can’t I just be happy like everyone else and move on? 
I know my assignments are not perfect. I always have room to improve. Whether it is my writing skills, my critical thinking skills, or just expressing myself. I am the same way with life. There is always something we are trying to change about ourselves. 
Whether it is our hair, our weight, etc. we are always striving to be perfect at sports, or an instrument. If I have learned anything in my 21 years of life, it is that perfection is unattainable. The picture frame is never going to be PERFECTLY straight. The circle will never be completely round. It may look perfect, but the imperfections are still there. 
We can strive to be the best we can be but that is a never ending cycle. We will probably never maintain the perfect weight all of the time. Our hair or makeup will never be spot on all of the time.
So why do we obsess over these things when we can enjoy our imperfections? Do you realize how dull life would be if everyone was perfect? Our imperfections make us unique and I for one am going to start enjoying my imperfections because they make me who I am today.

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